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Bird Guards and Cowls



Home-sweep supply and fit a variety of bird guards, cowls & caps, each of which perform a very specific role for various situations.  It is imperative that the correct cowl is fitted to a flue, the fitting of incorrect cowls can affect the performance of the fire or stove, or even prevent the escape of flue gases which is particularly dangerous.  All products supplied by Home-sweep are from leading manufacturers including Brewer, Colt and MAD, all of which reach or surpass the current British standard for their application.

We are equipped with a very large range of our own extending and roofing ladders; this means savings to the customer, as it is only on very rare occasions that scaffolding is necessary.


Bird Guards

In today’s society, with fewer and fewer trees and hedges, birds and squirrels are looking for a warm, cosy and accessible place to nest.

Bird and squirrel nests are not only unwanted but are also dangerous as they can block the flue gasses from escaping causing carbon monoxide build up. They may also present a health and hygiene hazard as maggots and insects often live within these nests, as do dangerous fungal spores.


Anti down-draught cowls

In some areas of high pressure or turbulent air, back smoking of the fire might occur.  In some cases this can be remedied by fitting an anti-downdraught cowl to the chimney pot.  Home-sweep will advise on any problems found while sweeping a chimney.


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